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Rick Hendrick is for HIRE!

Posted by Digory Kirke on July 13, 2009

Rick HendrickMr. Hendrick,

What is the point of having a race team when you give all of your parts to other teams, like Tony Stewart. He has dominated the races with your engines.

This is ridiculous.I guess it is all about money when you really step back and take a look at it.

I was very disappointed with the Coca Cola 400 held at Daytona on the 4th of July.Lately, I haven’t been excited about racing because I know that either Kyle Busch or Tony Stewart will be at the front and the Hendrick ‘TEAM’ will be struggling behind somewhere.

This is wrong to me and I hope that someone in the Hendrick company will knock some sense into Mr. Hendrick. Either be a parts distributor to all teams and not an owner or be an owner loyal to his team and concentrate on keeping the parts just for your team!!!!!!!!

Now I know some idiot is going to come along and say something along these lines:

HMS only sells/leases those engines and trannies to SHR (Stewart-Haas Racing). Same engine, same package. The difference is how you tune it and how you set up the car. Go to a motor shop, buy two identical engines and put them in two identical cars, they will perform differently based on the skill and needs, and personal likes of the two mechanics.

This argument would be false:

HMS not only sells the engine and transmissions, they also sell their chassis. Further we are not talking about the cars you drive day in and day out. We’re talking about stock cars. With the COT (Car of Tomorrow) there isn’t that much difference to play around like that. Therefore your selling your competition exactly what you have and what you have/had which has helped you dominate the competition in previous years.

So why is Rick Hendrick for hire?

With three time consecutive cup champion Jimmie Johnson in Hendrick’s stable one would think, hey that man (JIMMIE) is Hendrick’s bread and butter right now, a prime a cut. He’s only one of two men in the history of Nascar to accomplish this feat. He now stands on the cusp of making history this year by going for his fourth championship, and he is in the running to do just that. But Hendrick has a huge appetite, and is all about money over loyalty

The bottom line:

Mr. Hendrick someone needs to Gibbs (smack to the back of your head) you or better yet, put YOU into the wall!

Mr. Hendrick someone needs to Gibbs (smack to the back of your head) you or better yet, put YOU into the wall!


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