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Weenies Whiners and Losers

Chick Hicks

Kurt Busch: Weenie and Loser

Brian Vickers: Weenie

Tony SMOKELESS Stewart: Loser

Dale Earnhardt: Weenie, Whiner, Loser

Dale Jr:

If you ever wanted to know what I think of Dale Junior here it is, he sucks; honestly. He’s so overrated because the only reason why he’s in NASCAR is because his father is a legend, and the only reason Dale Jr has fans is because his father died at Daytona so he inherited all of his fans and some wins because the field let him win like the 01 Pepsi 400.

He passed all those cars because they moved out of his way and they were guys like ken Schrader who are a non factor in races. Guys like Gordon or Stewart would have fought him and he wouldn’t have won the race and now he hasn’t won in just under 3 seasons because Dale’s death was 7 years ago.

Everyone got over it and now Dale can’t win anymore and if you can’t win with Hendrick you can’t win with anyone, even Casey Mears won with Hendrick. Anyone can do it and everyone hated Gordon before the Busch brothers showed up because Gordon won all the time and Dale Sr didn’t like him; but at least Gordon’s father wasn’t a NASCAR champion and gave Jeff a free ride. Jeff had to earn his titles and wins just like the other drivers


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