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Crew Chief Club (How this Blog Works)

Doc Hudson

This blog is all about and or will cover the aspect of NascarNascar Sprint Cup, & some Nationwide Series. It will not have anything to do with any other type of racing.

Now there are some thing you should know while racing or cruising this site so you get all the benefits from it.

While you see the whole story posted on the front page you are missing a lot more, if you don’t actually click the title of the post. When you do, you will get the same story however more often than not you will also find related story links underneath the post you don’t get or see by reading it from the front page.

At the very top of this blog you will see a variety of pages. If however you don’t look at the side bar under pages you may miss several other great pages that have been published. The reason for this is they are under what is known or called parent pages. The reason being not every page published will fit up there ladies and gentlemen thus a parent (group) page needs to exist.

There is one fun page here and it’s PIXAR CARS. That page shouldn’t need anymore explaining than that, but you’ll want to check it out as well as the side bar page section for all kinds of data, information, and pictures about the MOTHER ROAD, Route 66!

Finally, I and I alone am the Crew Chief at this track. This is my house and my rules, so you may say or comment as you like but just remember; I have the last word. If you can’t handle that take your ass up the road to another (blog) track.

Boogity, boogity, boogity; lets go racing boys!

Crew Chief Club

American Pride with a Southern Stride


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