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Pit Road Speed

NASCAR instituted speed limits on pit road after a couple of pit crew members were killed during races. That rule was put in place quite a few years ago and is for the safety of the pit crews. Each track has a different Pit Road Speed Limit, however each team and driver are aware of the limit well before each race. NASCAR measures the speed of each car in a series of segments, which are defined by wires embedded in the track. The car has to be below pit road speed + 5 mph in each segment. If you’re over in any segment, you get (black flagged) penalized.

NASCAR is not the only series with a pit road speed limit. All other major forms of racing including F1, IRL, and ALMS have a pit road speed limit. What is unique in NASCAR is the driver has to control the speed himself while the other series use a button on the steering wheel that activates a rev limiter.


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