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Team 48



Hometown Shop Duty Race Day Duty
Andy Brown Jamestown, NY Mechanic Rear Tire Carrier
Rich Gutierrez Yorba Linda, CA Mechanic Gas Man
Mike Knauer Cambridge, MD Mechanic Catch Can
Mike Lingerfelt Greenville, SC Mechanic Front Tire Changer
Ron Malec Franklin, WI Mechanic Car Chief
Kenneth Purcell Savannah, GA Mechanic Jackman
Art Simmons Kirksville, MO Chassis Setup Front Tire Changer
Jeremy West Harbor City, CA Mechanic Rear Tire Changer


Hometown Shop Duty Race Day Duty
Earl Barban St. Louis, MO Spotter
Kyle Bazzell Fairburg, IL Truck Driver Truck Driver
John Boydston Engine Tuner Engine Tuner
Marcia Bradshaw Charlotte, NC Scorer
Joe Claridge Barrington, NH Mechanic Mechanic
Ken Gober Manchester, NH Truck Driver Truck Driver
Greg Ives Bark River, MI Race Engineer Race Engineer
Sean Kerlin Marysville, PA Mechanic Tire Specialist
Pete Michel Cobleskill, NY Shock Specialist Shock Specialist
Doug Morgan Newport News, VA Back-up Pit Member
Greg Morin Waltham, MA Pit Crew Coach Pit Crew Coach
Cody Plemmons Charlotte, NC Engineer Engineer
Marc Puchalski Mechanic Mechanic

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