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This supposedly family oriented site is anything but. If you wish to protect your kids you will do well by not allowing them to be on, participate, or be part of this site.

I have seen them suspend accounts for the mildest reasons. Such as someone blogging or responding to a blog using the word damn or hell. However here is the rub. While they do this they allow and still have people on that site using much worse language. F-bombs are dropped and let stand, as well as some other words that are much worse than a damn or hell.

This site also has mild, to semi-hardcore porn on the site, with very vulgar language and or comments attached to those pictures/images. Sexual innuendo is frequently common place. There have been a few people who have complained about this only to have (surprise, surprise) their accounts suspended.

Now how in the world is this a family orientated site? Last night after the race in Daytona (Coca Cola 400) there were even blogs posted where lives were threatened. It seems many people that are a part of this site are good friends with the moderators and the community director. Therefore they can say, write, post, or upload whatever they wish with wild abandonment.

Therefore if you truly wish to protect your kids you will not allowing them to use that site, otherwise who knows what they may come ask you what something means, or the pictures you may find them looking at. You would and will be shocked. Just remember if you’ve read this, you were warned.

The ball’s in your court now.

Amendment: Don’t believe what I said, well look at what another person on NASCAR.COM had to say about those pictures along with over 66 comments most agreeing with them. And NASCAR.COM still goes on not listening to what people want, see for yourself.

tab1956’s blog: HALF NUDE PICTURES


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