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The BEST in the Field

Posted by Digory Kirke on July 13, 2009

The following are factual stats looking over full seasons.

Jeff Gordon: Wins: 82 Years: 16 Championships: 4 Average Finish: 12.3

Jimmie Johnson: Wins: 42 Years: 7 Championships: 3 (consecutive) Average Finish: 11.7

Tony Stewart: Wins: 35 Years: 10 Championships: 2 Average Finish: 12.5

Mark Martin: Wins: 38 Years: ? Championships: 0 Average Finish: 13.4

Other Drivers

Kyle Busch: Wins: 15 Years: 4 Championships: 0 Average Finish: 16.5

Denny Hamlin: Wins: 4 Years: 3 Championships: 0 Average Finish: 14.1

Johnson needs to win 41 races and/or win one more championship in 9 years to accomplish what Jeff has done throughout his career; attainable.

Kyle Busch needs to win 27 races and 3 championships in a row to attain what Johnson has done so quickly in his career; possible-highly doubtful.
Dale Jr. doesn’t even rate on this blog, as he is such a lousy driver he can’t even begin to hope to progress any further than he has now, or at least not enough to even think about. I mean when you takes you fives years to get a total of three wins. You can’t do anything but agree with me, he isn’t a factor.

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