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Who’s the best NASCAR Crew Chief of All Time

Posted by Digory Kirke on July 10, 2009

A large percentage of NASCAR fans know that Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt have Seven Cup Championships. Another Dale has EIGHT. A much smaller percentage know who he is. What Crew Chief has the most Cup Championships?

Crew Chiefs are often the unsung heroes of NASCAR. The drivers get most of the credit for winning races and championships. Crew Chiefs are often compared to caddies who merely hand the driver the proper club. The best “caddy” of all time? Below is the top twelve:

1 Leanord Wood: He invented and or came up with how pit stops are done today. He was, is, and will remain the Father of Pit Stops.

2 Chad Knaus: Three Consecutive Championships going for a fourth (3 with Jimmie Johnson 06, 07, 08)

3 Dale Inman: Eight Championships (7 with Richard Petty 64, 67, 71, 72, 74, 75, 79; 1 with Terry Labonte 84)

4 Kirk Shelmerdine: Four Championships (4 with Dale Earnhardt 86, 87, 90, 91)

5 Ray Evernham: Three Championships (3 with Jeff Gordon 95, 97, 98)

6 Lee Petty: Three Championships (3 with Lee Petty 54, 58, 59)

Bud Moore: Three Championships (2 with Joe Weatherly 62, 63; 1 with Buck Baker 57)

Jeff Hammond: Two Championships (2 with Darrell Waltrip 82, 85)

9  Herb Nab: Two Championships (2 with Cale Yarborough 76, 77)

10 Jake Elder: Two Championships (2 with David Pearson 68, 69)

11 Tim Brewer: Two Championships (1 with Cale Yarborough 78, 1 with Darrell Waltrip 81)

12 Smokey Yunick: Two Championships (2 with Herb Thomas 51, 53)

13 Andy Petree: Two Championships (2 with Dale Earnhardt 93, 94)

14 Carl Kiekhafer: Two Championships (1 with Tim Flock 55; 1 with Buck Baker 56)

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